The Ally Ship
Service without Subversion. Support without Stipulation.





Executive Director: Tara Chill

Our organization was founded by 400+1’s L1 collective and is led by the executive directorship of Tara Chill. After serving as a dedicated ally to the L4 organizations, Black Sovereign Nation and Counter Balance ATX, for several years, Tara felt like the natural choice to build and develop The Ally Ship.

Note from the ED: It is important to me, as an ally for black liberation that I lead by example. That I am constantly growing. That my willingness to follow black leadership defines my role within The Allyship. I ask that our members always find me approachable and never cease to challenge me.



Assists the Executive Director as a “second” to the overall structure of our efforts. Responsibilities may include mobilizing the General Membership as needed by the program coordinators, canvassing to grow The Ally Ship, planning and hosting membership events, and most importantly, responding effectively and efficiently to specific calls for reparations or other aid.


Reparations Coordinator:

Oversees The Reparation Catalog: an ever present and updated link to the specific and direct needs of the black members of 400+1.

Initially the RC will focus on creating the catalog itself, with the assistance of the Executive Director. The coordinator must keep the catalog up to date: accepting/reviewing requests, placing requests on the Reparations Catalog, and working with the Membership Coordinator to communicate and utilize the General Membership on the fulfillment of those needs. The RC will also secure access to, and buy in from, external charitable organizations who align with our needs.


Real estate reparation coordinator:

The REC  will recruit, and then work alongside a contractor(s) and a real estate agent(s) to find properties and supervise rehab for 400+1 spaces. The REC collaborates with Membership Coordinator to raise the volunteers for each rehab project and funds for each acquisition of property.


Ally Business Coordinator:

This program will begin with the coordinator uplifting the voice of the black community to recognize and celebrate local business that well represent community interests.

The coordinator will then approach those businesses, and more, to participate in Ally Business Week: a time when allies will intentionally patronize businesses that have joined the Ally Business Network, and proceeds will be shared to support the efforts of 400+1. The Membership Coordinator will help organize and promote the week’s events, and galvanizes the general membership to participate.

Meanwhile the Ally Business Exchange Program will continuously match 400+1 members to internships or even jobs provided by the Ally Business Network. This program will provide a variety of opportunities for the autonomous black community to self-support with increased access to training, skills, and funds.

Because of the wide scope of this role we are looking for more than one coordinator to join a leadership team.


Direct Action Coordinator: Jaz Mojica

Jasmine Mojica Whitney (Jaz) is a social worker by education (MSW), currently a travel planner by profession, but an organizer/activist by passion. From New England originally, she has lived in Vermont, Boston, and Cambodia for the past several years, mostly working with people struggling with poverty and homelessness.

Jaz is new to Austin, having just arrived in December, and has been spending her time familiarizing herself with various leftist groups and initiatives in the city. While first feeling a bit cautious about getting involved with all-white organizations fighting for racial justice, Jaz was excited to learn about the strong accountability mechanisms between The Ally Ship and 400+1. She is look forward to contributing her time, collaborating with various stakeholders, and learning & growing from community members.