The Ally Ship
Service without Subversion. Support without Stipulation.




Formal members of The Ally Ship have a number of expectations and opportunities ahead of them. From paying membership dues, to engaging with our programs in various ways, members are those who have fully recognized the essential need for reparations as a social responsibility, and who are ready to create a larger network for ally support.

Members will also have access to a number of perks, including Members Only events, Ally Business Network discounts, merchandise, and formal roles withing the organization, but members are still expected to engage in life-long knowledge building through our teach-ins and/or study groups.



  1. Attend At Least One Event. (So We Can Meet You)

  2. Pay Your Dues.

  3. Complete the Membership Application.


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Pro-Black Principals *
Members are expected to follow and promote the Pro-Black principals of The Ally Ship and 400+1. Please check below to confirm your commitment to each.
Knowledge Building *
Members are expected to understand the value of radical growth, and to never reach a place where they feel their knowledge to be "complete." Check below to confirm your commitment to continue attending Teach-Ins and/or Study Groups.
Volunteer Requirements *
Members are required to commit to volunteering with one or more of our programs for at least 2 hours each month. Which program(s) do you commit to volunteering with?
Coordinator Interest Survey
Are you interested in becoming a Coordinators for one of The Ally Ship's programs? Please select any that interest you.
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