The Ally Ship
Service without Subversion. Support without Stipulation.


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Service Without Subversion.

Support Without Stipulation.

The Ally Ship is an autonomous space for non-black allies who are about black liberation. Founded by the leadership of 400+1, a Black cooperative federation, we are held accountable by the demonstrably Pro-Black leaders we serve. What makes our work revolutionary is our precise definition of allyship, our focus on reparations as a social responsibility, and the development of systemic support; modeled after 400+1’s structure.


have you heard about our reparations gardening program?


Wondering how Reparations Supper Club works? Let us break it down for you!

Step 1: Submit a RSC membership application at The membership is $150/month, which is steep but worth it!

Step 2: Wait for your invitation to your FIRST supper! Suppers can happen at any time, but we'll always reveal the time and location at least two weeks in advance.

Step 3: Enjoy the clues we send you leading up to the big night and try to guess the theme of the next dinner, who our special guest might be, and what we'll be discussing.

Step 4: Get dressed up and come enjoy an innovative culinary experience, great company, and amazing conversation! Most importantly, come get radicalized.

Step 5: Repeat steps 2-5!

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