The Ally Ship
Service without Subversion. Support without Stipulation.



There is no path forward without reparations, and there is no path forward as long as ally organizations continue to isolate and segregate their efforts from the CLEARLY voiced needs of the black community. This only serves to denigrate community, and The Ally Ship is honored to have to opportunity to help as asked on projects directly allocated to us by the 400+1 federation. The reallocation of gains ill gotten is the least we can offer, and yet it is the most vital of our roles as Allies for it affirms our deepest trust and knowledge in the truly equitable world that we have failed to support for many generations past.

reparations gardening

The Ally Ship will be planting vegetable gardens for allies interested in participating in wealth redistribution. Allies can choose to donate half or all of the produce grown in their garden to The Ally Ship's vegetable stand at local farmer's markets. All proceeds will go to our reparations fund, which directly benefits 400+1.

Direct action campaigns

Planning and execution of reparations focused direct actions will engage and radicalize mainstream society; this is vital to overcoming the propaganda and systemic racism. Our events will always be responsive, relevant, and include a targeted demand for reparations. For the efficacy and safety of our direct actions, our direct action specific information will likely be provided with somewhat short notice, and may or may not be advertised on our website or Facebook page.

The reparations catalog

An ever present and updated link to the specific and direct needs of the black members of 400+1. Requests might span from small emergency supplies, such as gas or groceries, to larger and farther-reaching contributions such as cars, medical expenses, and whatever ever else may be needed.  

The catalog itself will be created soon, and once formed will be constantly updated. Members of The Ally Ship are expected to take it upon themselves to get these requests filled, preferably by reaching out to their greater community and expanded our overall support network, as opposed to just purchasing the items themselves.

Ally business network

Ally Business Week: by uplifting the voice of the black community, with regard to which local business well represent community interests, we will begin developing a list of potentially allied business. Once allied businesses are identified and recognized, they are invited to participate in Ally Business Week: a time when allies will intentionally patronize businesses that have joined the Ally Business Network to support the efforts of 400+1.

Members of The Ally Ship are expected to participate in Ally Business Week, preferably by reaching out to their greater community and expanded our overall support network, as opposed to just patronizing the businesses themselves.

Ally Business Exchange Program: black members of the 400+1 federation are linked to internships or even jobs via this program, providing a variety of opportunities for the autonomous black community to self support with increased access to training, skills, and funds.

Members of The Ally Ship are expected to vet these business and continually check upon them. All of the businesses in the Ally Business Network are held accountable by the expectation that they continually engage with The Ally Ship in reviewing their business practices and engaging in relevant knowledge building.

Real Estate Reparations Program

Our real-estate coordinator will be working alongside contractors and a real estate agents to find properties and supervise the rehab for spaces required by 400+1. Members of The Ally Ship are expected to volunteers their labor for rehab projects, and to help raise the funds needed for each acquisition of property. Preferably members engage the greater community to find additional labor and funds rather than taking both efforts solely upon themselves.